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100 percent vertical integration

State-of-the-art production facilities

Productive machining through automation

Ready for the future

Thanks to our extensive machine park, we can fall back on a vertical integration of 100% allowing us to remain fast and flexible.

We manufacture all the individual parts for our cylinders, valves and controls, rotary unions as well as pressure intensifiers, pressure medium converters or our hydropneumatic feed units in our plant in South West Germany.

KONSTANDIN has employed production Automation since 2011.
State-of-the-art industrial robots load and unload our milling and turning machining centres to ensure round the clock production.

Workpieces with a maximum clamping weight of 1,400 kg, diameters of up to 900 mm and a maximum height of 1,000 mm can be machined reliably and highly productively in a single process at KONSTANDIN.

We manufacture prototypes and/or series parts for up to 30,000 pieces.

Your benefits:
The best conditions thanks to
modern production facilities

  • 2 fully automated
    Machining centres
    Processing up to DIA 1,000 mm possible
  • Several triple and quadruple milling centres
  • Several turning centres
    including automation

Standard materials:
Steel, stainless steel,
aluminium, brass, plastics

Highly productive machining
through automation

Process security in terms
of speed and quality.

The use of low cost robotics enables innovative changes in work processes. At KONSTANDIN, machine production processes, which previously required continuous manual intervention, are not tied to the working hours of the workforce and can run continuously.

KONSTANDIN adopted automation techniques in its production as early as 2011. Collaborative forms of human-machine interaction and the replacement of unproductive routine activities allowed us to optimise our manufacturing process.

Process competence from HELLER with their 5-axis machining centre and the integrated industrial robot from Robotec Solution AG for loading and unloading.

Assembly and testing

One KONSTANDIN’s innovations is the EPA room, where electro-pneumatic controls are installed and tested.

Special components require special environments and manufacturing options.
KONSTANDIN also rises to meet the enormous demands in this sector.

This is viewed as forming the basis for bringing the specially created term »pneutronics« to life.
Following on from example in mechanics where the term »mechatronics« has been gaining importance for years, KONSTANDIN is endeavouring to establish the term »pneutronics« within the pneumatics industry.