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Pressure booster
Pressure relay valve
Pressure transformer

Pressure optimization

Do you have limited input
pressure available?

Make your machine or plant reliable using a higher pressure than the inlet pressure offers
with KONSTANDIN’s devices for pressure optimization in the following situations:

  • If parts of your control systems require higher pressure
  • To save using an additional hydraulic unit
  • If a high force is required and the space is not available for a larger pneumatic cylinder.

Pressure booster

Pressure boosters work using two different pressure chambers, which interact with each other.
With pneumatic pressurization of the larger piston area, the existing pressure acts in a corresponding transmission ratio on the smaller chamber and thereby generates a higher pneumatic output pressure.

Pressure relay valve

Pressure relay valve work using two different pressure chambers, that interact with each other through a differential piston.
They work much like pressure boosters, but they convert the pneumatic input pressure into an increased hydraulic pressure.

Pressure transformer

Pressure transformers
convert the pneumatic input pressure without increasing the pressure in the hydraulics or hydraulic media.

Example pressure amplifier

Pressure booster
with high pressure seal

ZK3138-0025 / DU 032-0025

Technical data

Transmission ratio: 1:10
Pressure input: 160 bar
Pressure output: max. 1600 bar
Low pressure connection: G 3/8“
High pressure connection: M16 x 1,5
Medium low pressure: Hydraulic oil
Medium high pressure: Diesel/Biodiesel
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