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A permanent ambient temperature of over +80°C
is considered a special challenge in mechanical engineering

Despite all boiling and melting points: the requirements for a rotary union when used at or in permanently high temperatures always present our designers with a very complex task.

The diverse KONSTANDIN developments enable high temperatures for the media used, such as gases and/or liquid media. As an additional solution, all kinds of signals and data can also be transmitted (z.B. Profibus, Ethernet oder Fast Ethernet).

Rotary feedthroughs for medium and current can be used up to +160°C

We always work with passion to solve complex challenges. A special feature are the temperature requirements for rotary distributors in the high-temperature range with an integrated power supply.
Teflon and PVC-free cables are used here. Full functionality is achieved, among other things, by grease-free bearings and high-tech plastics.

KONSTANDIN rotary unions are also impressive when used in demanding environments.
Whether in high ambient temperatures, dirt and dust environments, at high speeds – thanks to the highest quality and reliability.

In all application variants, the KONSTANDIN developments score points with their compact design, variable cycle times, flexible directions of rotation and, if necessary, high speeds.

Examples of
Rotary unions for the high temperature range


Access opening (door)
in a heating chamber for
transfer of hot water

Series: Rotary unions up to +160°C

Article no. ZK5506-H-SO | ZK5154-H-SO | ZK5155-H-SO

Drehdurchführung mit stirnseitigem Anschluss

Type: DDF-2-1/2″-H-SO (2-3/4″) (2-1″)

Technical data
Channels: 2
Connection: G1/2″, G3/4″, G1″
Rotational speed: 30 U/min
Rotary movement: oszillierend
pmax: 30 bar
Medium: Water
(without steam development)
Temperature range: +10°C to +160°C
Particularities: – High temperature
– Special seals
– Special fat
Application: Temperature control of machines


Rotary union with hollow shaft
and special seals


Robot application

Rotary unions up to +100°C

Article no. ZK5160


Typ DDF-2-1/8“-SO

Channels: 2
Connection: G 1/8“
Rotational speed: 250 U/min
Rotary movement: continuously
pmax: 10 bar / -0,8 bar
Medium: Compressed air / vacuum
Temperature range: +10°C to +100°C
Particularities: · Special seals
· Hollow shaft with media transfer to customer shaft (DIA 40 H7)
Application: Robot application


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