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General rotary unions

Rotary unions are used as a connection between static
and rotating machine elements.

KONSTANDIN rotary unions can carry different media such as compressed air, vacuum or hydraulic oil. We also manufacture rotary distributors for water/cooling water.

The range of services at KONSTANDIN also includes electrical rotary unions. Whether you have simple valve controls, signal transmitters, BUS systems or image transmission – we offer you the right rotary union for each of your applications.
Here, too, all combinations with other media are possible.


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Series rotary unions

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The KONSTANDIN standard versions (aluminium, anodized red housing) are suitable for all common mechanical engineering applications.

Series, stainless steel

The KONSTANDIN stainless steel version is particularly suitable for water/cooling water, hydraulics and outdoor applications.


KONSTANDIN offers its competent solution for pure power transmission or for combinations of power with media.

Custom rotary union

KONSTANDIN offers you a custom rotating union for your particular application.
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KONSTANDIN rotary distributor installed practice operation

Drehverteiler am Greifer verbaut

2-channel G1/8” electrical rotary union flanged to the gripper.

Drehverteiler - an Maschine verbaut

Rotary distributor for two channels of compressed air and 6 wires for electricity installed on the machine.

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