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Rotary units


Rotary units

Stainless steel series

Rotary units


Rotary units

Customized solutions

Rotary units

For high temperatures

Rotary units

For rotary tables

Rotary units

Stainless steel series

The stainless steel variant of the rotary union or rotary distributor series is particularly suitable for water/cooling water, hydraulics or the outdoor area, as well as for higher pressures.

Rotary distributors are subdivided according to the number of their channels and according to the nominal width or the connection thread:

Number of channels available: 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8
Connection sizes:                         M5 to G 1″ (see individual series)

The values ​​given below are the maximum parameters that can be achieved.
Technical advice is required when using below 0 °C or when several parameters coincide in the limit range.
Please inquire about your desired rotary union directly here:
Request infos on our contact page or alternatively fill out the rotary union project questionnaire.

Housing: stainless steel
Shaft: stainless steel

Media/hydraulic fluids
Hydraulic oil,
compressed air,

Water on request

In case of different media,
we recommend providing a channel as a leakage line.

There will be two channels
for compressed air and
one channel
for hydraulics

4-channel rotatory union

Rotary unions, stainless steel series
Type: DDF-…-H

Channels: 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8
Connection: Information according to Standrd series
Rotation speed: max. 3000 rpm   M5 – G 1/4″
max. 2000 rpm   G 1/2″
max. 1500 rpm   G 3/4″
max. 1200 rpm   G 1″
Pressure: -0,95 bar to  16 bar   DDF-…-H
-0,95 bar to 100 bar   DDF-2/4/6/8-H   > auf Anfrage
Temperature range: 0°C to +80°C

Hydraulic oil, compressed air, vacuum,
Water on request

Filtering liquid media:   5 µm
gaseous media: 30 µm
Data sheets: 1 Channel (DDF-1-H)
2 Channel (DDF-2-H)
4 Channel (DDF-4-H)
6 Channel (DDF-6-H)
8 Channel (DDF-8-H)
on request: further pressure and temperature ranges,
Connection sizes, Etc


Example of type

DDF-2-1/4 = 2 channels,
G1/4″ connection

Dimensions as standard,
but housing made
of stainless steel

Rotary union

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