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control cabinets

Regardless of whether it is a simple manual control or a complete system control with directional control valves,
Timers, pressure regulators and much more…

At KONSTANDIN you get the complete package:
We’re happy to advise you and design a electropneumatic circuit diagram according to your specifications
as well as control cabinet or control panel layouts.

Our qualified personnel assemble the components, which ensures the desired function. In addition, the piping/tubing is just as much a part of our service as the final inspection of the control system.

ZS 7200

control cabinet SK 0500-0500-1/2

Pmax:  10 bar
Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
Connection: G 1/2″
Particularities: – Control via Siepart controller
– Pressure monitoring
– Blocking in the event of a pressure drop and power failure
Use: Control of an actuating cylinder for gas turbines


ZK 1902

Panel/control cabinet construction
Control cabinet construction according to customer wiring diagram.
Complete assembly of the individual components including the control cabinet
Testing: testing the built-in elements according to the circuit diagram